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It's Not Just The Solvent That We Use ... El Dorado Cleaners makes every effort to do our part for the environment. Although we are very proud to be a GreenEarth Cleaner, there are other measures that we take on a daily basis - large and small - to help reduce our impact on the environment. Through being environmentally aware and growing our list of 'green efforts', we feel that we are also helping our customers, employees and community to make a difference too.

For Our Customers ...

  • * Hanger recycling
  • * Plastic bag recycling
  • * Use of biodegradable plastic bags
  • * Reusable garment bags
  • * Biodegradable and non-toxic laundry products

Reducing Our Water Usage ...

  • * Recirculating Water Tower
  • * Recirculating, Energy Efficient Water Chilling System
  • * Toilets: Ultra Low Volume Flush, tank banks or float boosters
  • * Low flow faucet aerators
  • * Low level laundry washers

Behind The Counter ...

  • * Post consumer recycled paper in bathrooms and staff areas
  • * Car pooling or public transportation for staff when possible
  • * Use of eco-friendly printing sources for printed materials
  • * ENERGY STARĀ® qualified office and related equipment

Lowering Our Energy Consumption ...

  • * Regular maintenance schedule for energy related equipment
  • * Gas powered boiler
  • * Insulated steam and water pipes
  • * Energy efficient lighting - Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFL), Light Emitting Diodes (LED)
  • * Electronic ballasts in fluorescent light fixtures with T-8 bulbs
  • * Occupancy sensors for lighting
  • * Natural lighting controls - awnings, reflective glass, window film
  • * EER or SEER rating for air conditioners

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