We want our customers to be happy with our services. To help us remain attuned to our customer's needs, we ask that you complete the following survey and add any comments you feel are appropriate.

Please be candid as we want to know what you don't like about us, as well as what we do well.

Please rate us in the following areas with a rating of one to five, with five being the very best. Add any comments related to each area in the spaces provided.

**At the end of the Survey, please accept our thanks along with a Special Discount on your next order.

* 1. Counter Service Friendliness
* 2. Promptness
* 3. Technical Knowledge
* 4. Responsiveness to your specific needs
* 5. Problem Resolution
* 6. Overall Score for Customer Service
  7. Comments about our Customer Service?
* 8. Cleaning Quality - Stain Removal
* 9. Color Brightness - Lack of Fading
* 10. Odor - Freshness
* 11. Pressing Quality
* 12. Packaging
  13. Comments about our Drycleaning Service?
* 14. Overall Score for Drycleaning Services
* 15. Shirt Laundry Quality - Stain Removal
* 16. Shirt Pressing Quality
* 17. Starch level as you requested?
* 18. Shirt Packaging
* 19. Button replacement
* 20. Overall Score for Shirt Laundry Service
  21. Comments about our Shirt Laundry Service?
* 22. Please rate how important location is to you
* 23. Please rate how important courtesy is to you
* 24. Please rate how important Quality of work is to you
* 25. Please rate how important Quality of counter service is to you
* 26. Please rate how important Price is to you
* 27. Please rate our store hours
* 28. Would you use a home pick up & delivery service if we provided one?
Yes  No  Maybe 
* 29. If you are interested in Pick up & delivery services, may we contact you?
Yes  No 
  30. If you answered yes, please provide us with an means to reach you during business hours (phone, fax, or email)
  31. How did you come to know/find us?
  32. Is there anything else you think we should know about?
  32. Which location do you visit most often?